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"Kristoff represents that code of being a man, being very tough, but there’s a softer inner core. He built this mask and he’s worn it for so long, he almost believes in it. Like Elsa, he’s hiding something. Anna is going to push him to lower that mask. We had to know who Anna was before we could figure out who we needed Kristoff to be.” — Paul Briggs

well isn’t that just adorable

well don’t i just want to tap that

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The Best of Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun

I love her rated-E for everyone phrases. We all know how much she wants to swear but can’t because it’s not in her programming.

That fourth one will always be one of my favorites. 

"Flattery don’t charge these batteries."

I need to start using that.

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Numbered Word Stories - Encouraging Dialogue Edition

1- Surprise!

2- I’m here.

3- Mistakes are normal.

4- I’m proud of you.

5- You did what you could.

6- I love you to the moon.

7- You are extremely important to me, okay?

8- Do the things you love, no matter what.

9- Give yourself a purpose, but start nice and slow.

10- Be positive even when you feel negative, it will help.

11- Don’t hide your strangeness, someone somewhere will enjoy it, I promise.

12- Accept yourself and others with ease - it’ll help you sleep at night.

13- Try something new whenever you can, you never know when adventure can strike.

14- Live bravely and fearlessly, even if you’re a little bit scared on the inside.

15- Remember to be patient to others even if you’re frustrated - they will return the favor.



What is happening

help me

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you had me at “i’m a millionaire”

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How I feel about religion. God should be presented as what he is, love and kindness. Stop using his name to justify your racism, homo phobia and sexesim

Not gonna lie, this is pretty cute. 

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